According to Open Signal.. Globe has the best LTE.. Good for us, right?

In the world of the call center services.. for small centers.. back ups and redundancies are a requirement..

Sometimes… having a LTE network that can provide emergency coverage is very urgent and important…here’s a breaking news from opensignal

According to OpenSignal: Globe outpaces competition in LTE speed, coverage

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Globe Telecom provides the fastest LTE service in the Philippines, affirming the superiority of its mobile internet service and network infrastructure amid intensely competitive environment in the local telecommunications industry.

Based on OpenSignal’s State of LTE report for the third quarter of 2015, Globe Telecom’s LTE download speed is at 10 Mbps, double its competition’s LTE download speed of only 5 Mbps. Globe Telecom’s LTE download speed is comparable to territories/countries like Hong Kong (Smart Tone), India (Airtel), Norway (Telenor, Network Norway), Portugal (NOS), Indonesia (Indosat), which all registered a 10 Mbps download speed, and even higher than the 8 Mbps download speed in Russia (MTS), Malaysia (DiGi) and even US (AT&T, US Cellular, Sprint, C Spire Wireless).

While Globe Telecom’s download speed of 10 Mbps is considered adequate, its competition’s download speed of 5 Mbps dragged down the Philippines’ average LTE download speed to 8Mbps. OpenSignal specializes in mobile coverage mapping by crowdsourcing signal strength, data speed and reliability. In terms of LTE coverage, that of Globe is also superior at 41% against its competitor’s 36%.

These findings prove our success in continuously expanding our network capacities amid ever-increasing demand for high-speed mobile internet access as more and more of our customers build their life and work experiences around a digital lifestyle,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications, noting that about a third of the company’s 48.4 million mobile customers are now using smartphones.

As part of the company’s aggressive LTE rollout, the Globe network’s mobile ultra-broadband access in Visayas and Mindanao were expanded, utilizing the LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD technologies, Agustin said. Currently one of the most relevant mobile network technologies, 4G LTE offers much higher bandwidth, lower latency even as it increases overall network capacity. This allows customers to use more applications on their mobile devices.

Crisanto said the continuing expansion of Globe network capacities is intended to provide its customers with holistic digital experience as the company continues to offer products and services that enhance the Filipino digital lifestyle. “Globe is committed in providing the right infrastructure support to ensure that the data needs of our customers are served, thus strengthening our position as the network of choice for smartphone users in the country. When it comes to mobile internet speed, we believe that the Philippines can compete globally but there is a need to distinguish between mobile and wireline,” she added.

Amid ongoing network expansion, Globe capital expenditure this year is expected to reach $850 million. As of June this year, capex stood at P11.4 billion, bulk of which were allocated for data-related projects that include investments for the company’s broadband network, capacities for wireless data, LTE, domestic and international transmission facilities. A significant portion of the company’s capex for the year were also allotted for its IT infrastructure as Globe continues to create platform for new products as well as to build on its IT transmission initiatives.

The OpenSignal data is collected from real consumer smartphones and is recorded under conditions of normal usage. Rather than approximate the user experience, it is directly measured from the users of OpenSignal smartphone application, which can be freely downloaded on both iOS and Android devices, and thus it is able to constantly monitor the true network experience that users are getting on those devices.

Through the app, OpenSignal is able to observe the network exactly as the end user experiences it. Such customer-centric approach allows OpenSignal to measure the true end-to-end experience of the mobile network. It isolated the networks in the Philippines by extracting all those points sent with network IDs corresponding to the brands operational there and then perform a geographical query to isolate only those data points that have been captured within the region. The different brands have been identified by investigating the network names associated with the SIM in the reporting device and the network which is serving the device. # # #

For more information, please contact:

Yoly C. Crisanto

Head, Corporate Communications

Globe Telecom, Inc.

Email Address:

Globe Press Room:

Twitter: @talk2GLOBE │ Facebook:


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Lets Help a Filipino owned company to be able to Present at the WebSummit 2013

We recently found out that one Philippine company will be joining the Web Summit as an exhibitor out of the hundreds of leading startups and technology companies all over the world.


Lets help Raffy Pekson get the chance to Present to all the attendees about GOAUTODIAL!

Please lick the link and like the facebook icon.


Developing a Cloud Based Contact Center Platform for the Small Business Owner

Rafael Pekson II, Vice-President for Sales and Marketing

GoAutoDial Inc.’s roots started in the open source telephony application software category specifically designed for contact centers. Early last year, it launched its cloud based version while continuing to use the philosophy of open source via free access to its web application. It removed all upfront cost barriers so that small businesses can afford a telephony application large contact centers use. All these while keeping its operating costs to a minimum. What resulted was the implementation of three country-specific, cloud-hosted data centers, with three more in development.

Where is the Web Summit?

The Summit is held in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS), Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland.

What dates are the Web Summit?

The Web Summit is held on the 30th and 31st of October 2013.

The Summit is a global gathering of the world’s leading thinkers and doers in technology. It’s not just a gathering of the planet’s leading startups and technology companies, but of businesses, large and small, who are being impacted by new technologies. This year over 7,000 attendees will make the trip from all corners of the globe to hear from over 300 speakers across dozens of stages, workshops and roundtables catered to every sector.

Here are some of the speakers that will be at the Web Summit 2013.




 Dont forget to drop by their both and learn more about how Goautodial can help you with your Telephony needs.

Want to find out more about the websummit?

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Help for the Small and Medium Call Centers

Help for the Small and Medium Call Centers

Most small to Medium Call Centers need help in one way or another. Sometimes its in hiring or screening applicants. Sometimes it’s training. Or sometimes they need help in everything.

Sagabay Outsourcing services can help in everything small and medium centers need.

We can provide technical support for your desktops.

We can train your new and old agents in customer service, sales, call handling and other topics.

We can even help advertise your Job Openings, Screen Applicants and training.

Looking for service providers like voip? telephony solutions, usb headsets?

slider (1)


Learn more about out annual subscription support for other centers which covers the following:

Consultancy on how to operate campaigns

Vendor and Partner relations

Finding suitable agents


Promotion of your call center

HR support

Call Center Seat lease listing

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Philippine SME Business Expo 2013 at SM Aura.

Philippine SME Business Expo 2013 at SM Aura.

The expo runs from July 12 – 14, 2013 and is held at the SMX convention area of SM Aura.

Free entrance to those who wish to drop by. You can either register online or on the site as a walk in.



A lot of companies were there in the expo, maybe about half were about food. The rest were technologies, insurance, hotels. There were even 2 or 3 drugstores


Walking around, i bumped into an old friend along with his office mates that had a booth.


I saw Raffy Pekson of Goautodial in booth no. D-3.Goautodial offers VOIP, Telephony, Cloud and Enterprise solutions for companies for their telemarketing and marketing activities. Their cloud solutions offers customer contact telephony application for almost free, this also comes with a predictive dialer.   (you just have to pay for the telco/voip charges)


Here’s a shot of one of the speakers during day 1. As far as I know, day 2 has Ms. Janette Toral from Digital Filipino Club, as one of the speakers.


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Setting up a CallCenter ?

Setting up a CallCenter?


Looking to start your own call center? No idea how to set it up? Let Sagabay Outsourcing Services help you.

Setting up your own call center isnt as easy as it sounds like.

A lot f people think its as easy as buying a couple of computers, headsets from your nearest mall and connecting it to the internet. Well, it you wanted to that, you could.

But, you’d most likely end up with something more like a computer shop than a call center in terms of quality and serviceability.

Dont fall for those brokers or middle men that say that they can set it up for you.Ask if they have the staff or the manpower to do it. Always ask for references and credentials. A lot of people will say, Yes, we can do it! But usually end up botching the job, costing you more money in the long run.

Social Media

Competent or reliable people who set up centers, usually have their own center set up already, using their own site as test areas for new technology or partners. A wide network of partners that provide services from which you could choose from.

Sagabay Outsourcing Services for example has 4 Telco partners which you could choose from. 2 dialer providers, 2 CRM providers and 5 System Integrator partners which you can choose from. Not including our wide network of HR solutions providers, programmers, Graphic Artists, Bloggers and Blogs.

We provide our clients a variety of choices to choose from, that would best fit their needs and goals.

Have questions? Contact us for your Telemarketing, Web Development and Social Media needs.

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