Surveys and Announcements made easy

Surveys and Announcements made easy

Survey and Appointments services?

Do you need to confirm attendance of thousands of people for your convention or rally?

Need to survey thousands of people to get their feedback regarding your product or service?

sagabay goautodial


Let Sagabay Outsourcing Services help you!

We can contact hundreds of people thru their landlines or mobile phones using as many lines as needed!

Complete with all reports and data.

Contact us now and let us help you!

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How to start your own call center?

First of all, dont get into the call center business if you have never had any experience in the Call Center industry.

Or dont have anyone that you trust that you can rely on.

So, now you want to start your own center.

First, you need to have an account. By account, I mean a campaign or project.

Campaigns are usually classified as 2 types:

1. Inbound

2. Outbound.

It’s a lot easier to find outbound campaigns than inbound campaigns. A lot riskier too.

Once you have your campaign, you need your office or center to run the campaign from.

You have 2 options to this:

A. Build your center from ground up. Find a suitable office space, rent it.

Buy the partitions, tables , computers, chairs , headsets and the various other things that you will need.

Apply for the internet connection. ( If you dont know what you need – ask around.)

Setup the office for use.

After that your set to go!

B. Lease you office space requirements. There are a lot of facilities that offer seat leasing.

Basically, it means that you lease the seats ( usually means 1 table/ chair/ pc plus internet connection) from a company that offers those services.

When seat leasing, its very important to keep in mind a couple of things.

1. Noise level in the site ( Too many people doing calls means higher level of noise and makes it harder for you and the person you are talking to, to understand each other.

2. Internet bandwidth available.

3. Office location 4. Availability of places to eat. (especially at night)


To get a better understanding about outsourcing, download this free outsourcing guide.

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Setting up your own call center

Thinking of setting up your own call center? Wondering how? Let us at Sagabay Outsourcing Services help you start out.

Call Center

Finding the right vendors for your PCs, headsets, tables, partitions and chairs are not easy. Especially finding the right partners to provide you the necessary internet connection, dialer, voip and other things you will need for your center.

We, at Sagabay Outsourcing has helped more than a dozen centers setup their operation. From advising them from scratch, to providing them with cost affordable solutions to their VOIP needs, CRM, and dialers.

We can act either as a consultant on what you will need and help you find it, Or we can be the one to do it for you!

Contact us now for a quote!

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Outsourcing, is it really something new?

Come on, really. Is Outsourcing new to business? How come there are a lot of fears about it? Outsourcing has been around for years and years.

Businesses have been outsourcing projects and workloads for a very long time. Here are some  examples of outsourcing that has been around for a long time.

Janitorial or cleaning services.
Marketing or Visual graphics
Health services.

A lot of things have been outsourced to other specialty companies by other companies to save on their costs. Imagine, hiring an entire department of Doctors to manage your companies employees health benefits. Or hiring dozens of people for your Janitorial needs. A lot of business would probably close down in a few months especially the small to medium sized ones. The good thing about outsourcing is that companies get the benefits of the services that is being outsourced at less the cost in their budget. Being able to contract out for projects that are short term without bloating their headcount.

Outsourcing also saves companies in terms of training, since they are about to take advantage of contractors with very specialized skills needed for the specific project.

Why Outsource?

As most companies have learned in the past few years due to globalization, Competent,  Intelligent and Resourceful staff are
available around the world.  Working remotely with your staff has never been easier. Thanks to the advances in technology, like voip, vpn and data management services.

Outsourcing frees up your time for more important tasks, like closing the deal, taking care of your customer’s needs, or just being able to think on the next steps for the company.

Like some of our clients found out, it’s a lot easier to outsource your telemarketing/appointment setting needs, so they could concentrate on the positive hits that were generated by the outbound telemarketers they hired.

Outsourcing provides you additional, experienced staff working for you, without adding to much cost in your cash flow. No need to pay for medicare, or other benefits as with your regular employees.

We live up to our motto to our clients: “What you need, when you need it.”because we have the time, the space, the people and the skill to do it.

Contact us now!


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Social Media and its role in advertising

With today’s increased connectivity of everyone through the internet, connecting with people has never been easier and never been harder.


A couple of years ago, getting connected to the internet was a tedious process. You had to have a land line phone, a dial up subscription, and a personal computer. Only people we were well off could afford to do this. Now with the advent of portable wifi routers, smart phones, wifi spots aplenty, getting connected to the internet and therefore connected to people and friends has never been easier.

Websites like the Friendster( for the facebook generation – yes, facebook wasn’t the 1st to do it, i MySpace, Tumbler, Twitter, Facebook and a ton of other sites help you get connected to friends and other people around the work at a click of a button.

In the wake of these internet related activities,a new type of advertising has emerged. Social Media Marketing.

Decades ago, the common terms was tri media – basically ads in Newspaper or Print. Radio. And Television.

Now the 4th is Social Media. The most common avenues for social media now in terms of websites are Facebook and Twitter, where people are exposed to ads in terms of posts, links, ad banners and pop ups.

Navigating the labyrinth of terms , how to use and what to do in these sites is a bit overwhelming, thus the social media marketer were born. These people help other people or companies run their social media campaigns, freeing their clients the time and effort to study and learn about all there is about social media marketing.

As with any marketing activity, the aim of social media marketing to increase awareness and public knowledge of the clients business, services or products. Engage people to become clients, and provide an avenue for current clients to contact the companies without the use of call center operators( which in turn saves costs on both the customer and the client. )


For those that want to learn more about social media marketing. Contact us now, and we would be happy to discuss your needs.

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