Guide to Outsourcing

Outsourcing (in other words). .
“Outsourcing” is a modern word for a very old way of having things done, without doing these yourself and not at your own place. This was “jobbing” in the retail business, “contractual” in various other enterprises, and even “mercenary” in more aggressive activities.

Modern technology has added the dimension of distance and volume to the practice of getting others in another place to do “your thing”– thus outsourcing. And the recent downturn in the business environment has made it more attractive, even imperative, to look more closely into the why and how of outsourcing… outsourcing is not something new, but the practice has gone to warp-speed
in the very recent years.

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring outside entities to perform your usual repetitive tasks (such as payroll management, data entry, information technology– just to name a few), to decrease costs in these “background” activities and streamline operations, without sacrificing the quality of work.

Sagabay Outsourcing provides space to do your business — with phones (even answering service, if needed), computer (and e-mail address), fax… at a cost much lesser than if you had to scramble for your own; we can also provide staff (already vetted and trained) for tasks from prospecting for clients, payroll or HR, after-sales support, etc. You focus on your objectives and grow your business (we handle background details).

Our service is at least par with what you expect, and our rates lower than what you would spend on your own.

Want to know more? Download our free guide to outsourcing

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How important is a website?

Just how important is a website for your business? How important is it for your traditional printing business, or a restaurant to have a signage out front?

There’s this old saying, “”a business without a sign is a sign of no business. ”


A website is the new face of your business to the world. With all the advances in technology today, people are relying more and more on the internet for information. Why?

Finding the information you need is faster and easier. With all these new fangled phones coming out with gps and other applications that help the user pinpoint their location and whatever is nearest.

A website also helps increase your business mileage. It lends credibility. Its your own advertisement for your business that you can control. With very little maintenance cost.

A website can be as simple as a single page, or as complex as dozens of pages with hundreds of entries.

So, are you convinced? Need to know more?  Contact us now and we will help you with getting your website done!


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Start up call centers

call centers

Starting your own call center can be tricky. You need to be aware on a lot of things.( Assuming you already have a client)

1.  Register your company. You have 3 options Sole Proprietorship. Partnership, Corporation

2. Find a suitable location. Basically, a place that has low rent.  Easy to get to. Safe. Internet Access( Check with your providers)

3. Find your suppliers. Here are the things you will need:

a. Partitions

b. Computers

c. Chairs

d. Internet connection

e. Tables

f. Headsets


4. Find a VOIP provider that will match your needs.








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Technical Support for small to medium companies

Not everyone knows how to troubleshoot a PC, right?

Not all companies can afford to have an IT guy on its regular payroll, right?

So, what do you do when you have computer problems? Outsource it!.

Sagabay Outsourcing Services understands the constraints of running a business. We know that not everyone is tech savvy. And that not all companies have their own computer guy.

Get a Sagabay Tech Specialist to visit you and help you out with your computer problems. From simple networking of your printers, to re-installing software, we an help you.

You know the saying, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure?

Having a tech maintain your systems on a monthly basis is better than calling the tech after the problem has occurred. What will you do if your PC crashes and dont have a backup? having a tech available can solve your problem even if the tech only makes back up once a month. Better than nothing right?

To make it easier for our clients we have to rate plan options available:

1. On retainer Tech support -which basically gets you, lower hourly rates. Preferred scheduling for your needs.

2. By the hour  tech support – Call us when you need us, and we will schedule 1 or 2 more of our guys as needed to visit you to fix your problems.


For more informatin about Technical Support, You can reach us thru email at:




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Are you a start up company?

Are you a small sized company?

Having problems with contracts for your employees and other Legal concerns?


Let us Help you!.


Sagabay Outsourcing Services has lawyers on board that can help you with your needs.

From Contracts for your employees, clients and other partners.

Incorporation requirements and much more. No need to keep your own lawyer on retainer.


Contact us now for more details:


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