How to use GoAutoDial with DID Logic

If you need a call center suite to use for your business, then GoAutodial is the way to go.. if you need DID numbers for the UK and other countries, then you need DID Logic.. Good thing both companies have a partnership between them that helps their customers in their needs. Now here’s and interoperability guide for customers to be able to set up GoAutoDial easier with DID Logic.


Call Center Software




Call Center Dialler

Inbound CallPredictive Dialer

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Need to go Social? Our plans start at 10,000 php per month only

Is your company now online? Do you already have a Facebook Page? Twitter Account? Instagram account? Yes? Great!!

Now what are you doing with it? A ,lot of companies have started going online with their social media accounts that’s true.. but a lot of these companies.. actually dont know how to actually take advantage of the accounts they have.. they dont have plans on how to take advantage of what they have..

Are you one of those? No idea how to maximize what you have? Or are you one of those that is still not yet online?

Let us help you with your online needs.. our plans start at 10,000 php only…

Email us at

Social Media Package 2

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Sagabay Outsourcing Services helps small startups realize their dreams by helping them setup their businesses… one of the major concerns everytime was how hard it was to get a landline installed in the office and the time it took to get it installed.

Fortunately, Globe Telecom, one of the telcos in the Philippines has now made it easier for companies to be able to get a landline number fast and hassle free. How?


All you need to do is apply for a MYBusiness postpaid plan with Globe Telecom.. plans start as low as 299/month and you immediately get a duo number ( which means you get a landline number) for the specific area that you are in.. for example Metro Manila.. and that number also comes with unlimited landline calls to any local landline number in the same area.. Thank you Globe Telecom.

And to top it off – new plan holders get a 30day free trial for a website…

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