Collaboration Applications for Call Centers and Home based agents

If you work in the BPO sector, most likely you have worked on apps in the cloud or server based for you notes, crm, calls or whatever.. If  you have worked as a freelancer or a nomad like a lot of programmers or social media managers do,then you surely have used collaboration applications like the famous google docs – that help people keep track and share documents, files,pictures and everything else even if they are far apart..

Recently, a friend of our attended the opening of the new office of Atlassian, a company that started in Australia that focuses mainly on collaboration software…

They have a couple of products, but the one that mainly got my attention was the Confluence.


Look at the pricing.. $10.00 per month for10 users –  which means its an average of 1 dollar per user per month..

It’s very easy to sign up  –  just put in your details, and wait a couple of minutes – in about15 minutes you are ready to start.send invitations to other members to sign up.. create your notes and everything is done..

Besides the price –  another thing that caught my attention is the fact that it has unlimited space. Full version usable even at the 7 day trial period.. and full 24/7 support.. Most other products I’ve tried on a trial period didn’t have those..

Atlassian apparently has its office in BGC – Bonifacio Global Center in Taguig City and is now currently employing 40 personnel which is basically doing its shared services –  HR, Payroll,Customer service and Support.

Compared to google apps.. here’s what it offers



Well, just comparing storage –  for 5 sd you get only 30 GB of storage and sharing.. for the 10 usd per month 1 TB only.. hmmm…

based on my experience –  google docs is something like a simple file storage, compared to confluence where you can collaborate, track and work with others.

Well, confluence doesnt have email compared to google… well, if all the files are in the cloud already –  no need to send emails with bulky attachments right?

Well, all I ca say it that it looks like we found a better alternative in collaborating with our nomads, home based reps and site based personnel.

Test it out for yourself.








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Since I started my company around 4 years ago, people have been asking me a lot about how I did it? How I set it up? What did I use? and a lot of other things.

Sagabay Outsourcing Services started out as a small BPO.. We did small telemarketing jobs for clients in the USA, Australia and Philippines. One thing that people ask me most about is what I use to keep connected with my clients and employees. Well, I’m proud to say that Globe myBusiness has been my partner since I started..

When we were starting up, I had only 2 choices for internet in our office since the building only catered or had connections to 2 of them… Globe myBusiness was the only one that actually had a plan for a small business like me and even made it easier for me to apply for the internet connection… I remember they had 1, 3  and 5 mbps plans.. I wanted to just get the 1 mbps plan but the agent convinced me that the difference between the 1 and 3 mbps plan was small compared to the benefits I would get in performance and speed, besides the fact that they had a promo which would get me a laptop included in the plan.. If I remember correctly the 3 mbps plan cost around 2300 pesos per month, inclusive of the laptop, the 3mbps dsl and the phone line.. included in the package was also 2 static IP addresses.. cool.

Witht the static IP addresses I got, I’m able to monitor what happens in the office through the cctv even if I’mnot there!

A few months after, I decided to get a 3 in 1plan – with 3 phones, and 3 lines for me and my staff at around 1,500 per month… why? I wanted the ability for my staff to be able to call each other and me anytime and also call clients on their landlines without additional cost.. So I subscribed for the plan with all 3 lines subscribed to the Superduo plan where each number was also provided a corresponding landline number and ability to make unlimited calls to all globe subscribers whether landlines or mobile phones including Touch Mobile numbers and all landlines in the area code subscribes to..

After a year or so, I increased the 3mbps dsl to 5mbps until now its at 15 mbps..

I’m currently satisfied with both of the services that I have from Globe myBusiness especially about the Business internet in the office.. why?2 reasons, My bandwidth speed stays consistent with the promised speeds and I’d be so unlucky if the service experiences downtime more that 2 times a year.. and most of those are just because of service upgrades in the area in which when you call customer service you get informed of the situation and how long it will take to resolve,, I’ve had experiences with the other telcos that they didnt even know that there was an outage, have no idea what happened or when its going to get fixed.

So yes, I am a happy Globe Telecom loyal subscriber. So much so that even my home is powered by Globe Tattoo Broadband. My son uses a globe prepaid sim card. I have a US number that is linked to my globe postpaid number for my clients from the US to get in touch with me easier thru Globe DUO and currently planning on getting a 2nd dsl line for the office to increase my bandwidth.

And I’m even contemplating using the CANVAS application which is also partnered with Globe myBusiness for my sales people.


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The only Co Working space open 24 hours a day

Tired of having to close your laptop and pack your things coz your co working space is closing? Worry no more. Sagabay Outsourcing Services has the only co working space open 24 hours a day for you!

Most co working spaces are open around 12 to 16 hours a day only. What about the night owls? Those that need quiet places to study or review or finish the things they need to finish? Law Students often stay up till the wee hours of the day to review for Law school which most of them cant do during the days since they have a day job..

Most people prefer to hang out at coffee shops for convenience, right? Problem is – most coffee shops close at 2 am. so what’s next?

What are the things most people look for?

Parking – we have lots and lots of that.

Food – Sagabay’s location is surrounded by food outlets, even a resto bar. And the best thing? 7-11 is just below us.

Security – the area is fully secured 24/7. Covered by cctv both inside and outside.

Convenience – we are located smack dab in the middle of Shaw Boulevard, just about 1 kilometer away from EDSA – 24 hours accessible. No Floods.

Fast Internet Access

What else are you looking for?

We may not be as fancy as the rest, but we provide what’s needed when its needed.

Afraid of the costs? Here it is!


Contact us at for Night Rates


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Hot Seating and Co-working space is the New Seat leasing.

The trends in the market keep on changing as the days go by.. now a new need has emerged in the market. Office Space.. well to be more exact, a temporarily working space where digital nomads can stake their ground and get business done.

Well, not to let changes pass us by.. Sagabay Outsourcing Services has long been providing seat lease facilities for start up to small call centers in the Philippines.

We are pleased to announce that we will also be opening our doors in Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City to those who needs co- working space.


Our Office is located in the 2nd floor of Liberty Center, Shaw Blvd. On top of Puregold Grocery.

What do we have to offer? Well, we can offer internet redundancy, so that you are never offline. With our 2 connections from Globe Business and PLDT, you are sure to stay connected.

Free coffee for you.

Fax, Scanning, Printing, Typing Services are also available.

Numerous places to eat. KFC, Bonchon, House of Minis, Daisho, a japanese restaurant to name a few. There are also resto – bars to cap off your day’s work


We are open 20hrs a day. So no worries for those of you that work with clients abroad.

No Laptop or PC? No worries – we have dozens of computers available for use. ( Just make sure you dont infect the PC with viruses.)

Need office supplies or Computer Peripherals? Office Warehouse and PC Express is just a stone throw’s away.

And best of all! We have Parking…! Lots and Lots of Safe and Secured Parking!! ( although its not free, but still – would you want to co-work in a place with no parking?)



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Job Openings / Vacancies

Job openings and vacancies.

Why work yourself to death in the big centers where you are worked to the bone,have a low chance of being promoted and recognized and where everything you do including going to the bathroom is timed.

Sagabay Outsourcing Services is looking for the following outbound call center agents.

1 outbound appointment setter calling PST in the US

4 outbound appointment setters calling Canada and Calgary.

2 Outbound sales agents for Korea.

Previous outbound experience is a must.

Compensation TBD based on experience

Email to


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