Getting in touch with your customers with the fastest and easiest way

Getting in touch with your customers with the fastest and easiest way

In today’s time, I think most companies have forgotten some basic simple rules in dealing with customers. Its either due to budget cuts in customer service operations or just that they dont care anymore.

With today’s competitiveness, companies should invest more in maintaining good relations with their customers. More and more companies are shifting to increase their presence on social media and get to talk to their customers.

Well, if you want to get in touch with thousands and thousands of your customer to give updates like – service interruptions, upgrades or simply just to say thank you for their services, there are a couple of ways to get in touch with them fast.

Emails – this is a very cost effective way to contact them – although not everyone has access to their emails 24/7. Especially if your clients are B2C.

Text Blasts – this is not so cost effective and not so fast. This is dependent on the software or hardware you will use to send the text messages. If you are just sending to a couple hundred to about 2-3,000 then this can be done in a couple of minutes to about 2 hours, but the cost will be prohibitive as it will still use standard sms rates.

Now, if you really want to get in touch with your customers fast, try VOICEBLAST. This service uses Justgovoip and Goautodial’s system to send out pre recorded messages to your customers as fast as you’d like (depends on the setting you use). Best of all, it will cost you less with more results. More people answer phone calls than read text messages from people they dont know.

So if you wanted to send a Happy New Year greeting to your clients and thanking them for using your services, this would be the most ideal way to get in touch.

No need to have individual agents to call up all your clients – pre record the message – upload the contact details –  turn it on then boomm! You’re done!

Happy New Year Everyone!



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