Are you a start up company?

Are you a small sized company?

Having problems with contracts for your employees and other Legal concerns?


Let us Help you!.


Sagabay Outsourcing Services has lawyers on board that can help you with your needs.

From Contracts for your employees, clients and other partners.

Incorporation requirements and much more. No need to keep your own lawyer on retainer.


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SAGABAY Outsourcing Services was founded in the year 2010.

SAGABAY literally translated means ” constant close companion.” or also “to guide”, which is the ultimate goal of the company. To be the close companion or guide of our clients in helping them in achieving their goals.

SAGABAY Outsourcing Services specialize in Call Center services for our clients. We also help provide our clients with exceptionally competent consultants for their projects as needed .

Why Outsource?

As most companies have learned in the past few years due to globalization, Competent,  Intelligent and Resourceful staff are available around the world.  Working remotely with your staff has never been easier. Thanks to the advances in technology, like voip, vpn and
data management services.

Outsourcing frees up your time for more important tasks, like closing the deal, taking care of your customer’s needs, or just being able to think on the next steps for the company.

Like some of our clients found out, it’s a lot easier to outsource your telemarketing, appointment setting needs, so they could concentrate on the positive hits that were generated by the outbound telemarketers they hired.

Outsourcing provides you additional, experienced staff working for you, without adding to much cost in your cash flow. No need to pay for medicare, or other benefits as with your regular employees.

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