Setting up a CallCenter ?

Setting up a CallCenter ?

Setting up a CallCenter?


Looking to start your own call center? No idea how to set it up? Let Sagabay Outsourcing Services help you.

Setting up your own call center isnt as easy as it sounds like.

A lot f people think its as easy as buying a couple of computers, headsets from your nearest mall and connecting it to the internet. Well, it you wanted to that, you could.

But, you’d most likely end up with something more like a computer shop than a call center in terms of quality and serviceability.

Dont fall for those brokers or middle men that say that they can set it up for you.Ask if they have the staff or the manpower to do it. Always ask for references and credentials. A lot of people will say, Yes, we can do it! But usually end up botching the job, costing you more money in the long run.

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Competent or reliable people who set up centers, usually have their own center set up already, using their own site as test areas for new technology or partners. A wide network of partners that provide services from which you could choose from.

Sagabay Outsourcing Services for example has 4 Telco partners which you could choose from. 2 dialer providers, 2 CRM providers and 5 System Integrator partners which you can choose from. Not including our wide network of HR solutions providers, programmers, Graphic Artists, Bloggers and Blogs.

We provide our clients a variety of choices to choose from, that would best fit their needs and goals.

Have questions? Contact us for your Telemarketing, Web Development and Social Media needs.

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